No No Nooky T.V. and Other Humorous Films by Barbara Hammer

No No Nooky T.V., 16mm, color and B&W, sound, 12 min., 1987
Using a 16mm Bolex and Amiga computer, Hammer creates a witty and stunning film about how women view their sexuality versus the way male images of women and sex are perceived. The impact of technology on sexuality and emotion and the sensual self is explored through computer language juxtaposed with everyday colloquial language of sex. No No Nooky T.V. confronts the feminist controversy around sexuality with electronic language, pixels and interface. Even the monitor is eroticized in this film/video hybrid that points fun at romance, sexuality, and love in our post-industrial age.

Plays with: Menses (1974), Superdyke (1975), Our Trip (1980), Sync Touch, 1980 and Doll House (1984).

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